Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Because she turned out to be so kind (no surprise!) I must mention Louise Penny, the Canadian writer I quoted in my August 29th entry at least one more time. After I put that quote in my blog, it occurred to me that it was rather lengthy for a non-review, even though I had attributed it, and that the courteous thing to do at least was to let the author know what I had done with her words. She not only gave her permission to use the quote, but a few days later wrote to me to say that she would be attending Bouchercon (a convention of mystery writers and readers) in Baltimore this past weekend and would I be able to meet her there? And so I did. She is 6 feet tall which leaves me feeling a bit petite at 5'4". Despite the height difference, I felt very comfortable with her immediately. We met on Friday afternoon and I spent something over an hour explaining what had happened the day Thomas died, and showing her the scrapbook of pictures that I had put together with the aid of many friends this past summer. She listened very intently, asking an occasional question. It's been a while since I told this story, either in writing or discussion and it must have been time to revisit it. Louise turned out to be the perfect listener and I am so glad this all came together so well.

Louise did write about our meeting in her blog on Sunday, October 12.


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