Thursday, November 10, 2011

Seventh Anniversary 11-11-11

Tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of Thomas's death in Iraq.  It is unfortunate that questions arose in the press yesterday and today about the handling of remains at Dover AFB from 2003 to 2008.  I believe that Thomas's body was mostly intact but now there has to be a little question mark in my mind.  I am mostly upset for the families whose loved ones were most at risk for this mistreatment.

We will have a quiet day tomorrow:  Mass at 8:30, a visit to the cemetery, lunch with friends who are in town. Maybe pizza for dinner because Thomas was a pizza kind of guy. We could go to the Chinese restaurant that he and his friends frequented after their poker games, but our last experience there (Christmas of 2004) was not happy and it wasn't just the circumstances.  I am disinclined to give it a second chance.

Sadly, an online friend lost her daughter yesterday which I found out this morning.  Her daughter was in college, her cause of death unknown to me at this time, but it was sudden and unexpected.  Some days it just seems like there is more sorrow than the world can safely hold.

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