Friday, February 29, 2008

More of a comment today than a recollection. I had to take my 82 year old mother-in-law to a new doctor this morning and during her examination, he noticed a pin she was wearing on her shirt. She wears this pin every day. She got it during the ceremony at Timonium on Memorial Day, 2005 (I lost mine immediately). It shows a helmet, a rifle and a pair of boots with the American flag. It's about an inch or so high, so not tiny. Dr. S asked her what the significance of the pin was and, since she did not hear him, I answered: "My son was killed in Iraq three years ago." I don't know what he expected to hear, but not this. Nonetheless, he expressed sorrow at my loss and hope that the war would be over soon. I know I choked up a little, but the visit went on and I calmed down very soon.

I don't wear anything that's immediately identifiable as belonging to a Gold Star Mother. I know it's part of my identity, but I'm not sure that's where I want to go with random strangers.



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