Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year--the Yahoo logo is a rabbit being chased by a dragon which looks a bit like a caterpillar with human legs and feet.  Thomas was part of a Chinese dragon his senior year of high school--the only blond, blue-eyed participant.  Of course, in costume you could only see the jeans and sneakers that every one of the kids was wearing.  They danced and ran around the auditorium of Springbrook High School as part of a multi-cultural festival which was a nice event as I remember.  But in addition I remember that Thomas's friends in general were a multi-cultural lot.  Springbrook had kids from all over the world and Thomas was happy to be a friend to all of them.  It's a little ironic that the only foreign countries that I know that he got to were Canada and Iraq (I assume they stopped somewhere on the way to Iraq but he never said and I've never asked the friends who were with him) when he'd spent five years studying Spanish for his IB diploma and a few weeks on Arabic in the Army.  He had cultivated an interest in going to Italy by way of a church group he belonged to called Communion and Liberation (despite the name, a very orthodox Catholic group that began in Italy).  They had even gotten him to the point where he would eat pasta which he'd never liked before.  A weirdly picky eater for someone who loved junk food as much as he did.



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