Thursday, June 25, 2009

I always forget how hard this stretch of time between Memorial Day and Thomas's birthday on the 6th of July can be. A number of things have happened, either to us or around us, and another Montgomery County soldier has lost his life.

Gregory Hamilton, one of the members of the Montgomery County Veterans' Commission, has a cable access television program that he asked us all to appear on this past week. Actually, we taped interviews with him on Tuesday evening. Richard was out of town which was sort of ironic as he was the contact that Mr. Hamilton used, but I went and two of the other families went. We each talked for maybe five to ten minutes, allowing for some editing for the final show.

Sitting with everyone and talking again, a very comfortable thing to do. You don't get to do that with just anyone, because even those friends and family who love you and loved Thomas don't have the same experience and don't have the same decisions to make. It's only recently that I realized that we could get a copy of the autopsy report and yesterday Terry Gross's Fresh Air program on NPR had an interview with the doctor who made the decision that everyone who dies in Iraq and Afghanistan will be autopsied, at least by CT scan. Should I ask for this report? I would certainly be the only one who would read it. I think.

More to think about.


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