Sunday, May 02, 2010

Things are moving forward on the library front. May 28, at 11:00 a.m. is the dedication of Rockville Memorial Library. I have no idea of what kind of ceremony is being planned though I think it may be time to ask and perhaps push a little bit to make sure that things we want included are there. In preparation for this, there is a display of items in the Rockville Memorial Library's case: we lent some from Thomas, Anthony Paci's family lent some, and several veterans, still living, lent uniforms and medals. We had hoped to get enough things to have displays in all of the libraries with display cases (nine I think) but there was not much response obviously. They want to do this again in November, and I think that with more lead time they may have more success. Richard and his mother and I went to Rockville yesterday to look at the display and I will try to include a photograph.

I wonder if some of the lack of response had to do with the kind of thing that happened to us--pulling out those items led to more tears, something I had not expected though I guess I should have. It was the first time I had read Michael Bordelon's letter in a couple of years and it was difficult. We put that letter in the display--I hope that people take the time to read it. I did watch the public a little yesterday and they paused to look, but no one really lingered.

My quilting needs to step up a bit as the triplets were born the day before yesterday! All is well but I am experiencing a little "quilter's block". OK, bad pun. And my grand-daughter is now officially at term so in a few days or at most weeks, I will be a grandmother. A lot rests on those tiny little shoulders, as I think we expect this birth to lead to some healing. New life--we are all excited and a little bit sad that Thomas is not here to see her.

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