Monday, June 20, 2011

We've been talking a little more about Thomas lately. I think this has to do with his upcoming birthday--talk of all of our July birthdays just naturally rises to the surface at this time of year (we have Anna, Thomas, my nephew Mike, my cousin Molly, and the dog Kolbe. We also have Matthew in late June and Molly's son Miles a bit earlier in the month. I expect we will have a cake for Thomas again, in addition to everyone else's cakes.
After the difficulty of getting through Memorial Day, I'm finding this time a bit less fraught. I read about other families and sympathize but my own grief seems to be mostly in abeyance for now. I expect as years go by that I will find this more and more true. I've said that I almost miss the intensity of those first few months, but I know that I couldn't live like that for long. On the other hand, I really do not want to detach completely, not that I think that is likely.
So, we are moving on (not away from Thomas, just in life). Last weekend, I noticed a Wounded Warrior in a wheelchair having trouble getting through downtown Silver Spring (steps instead of ramps) and decided this needed to be pointed out to the powers that be. I've sent off an e-mail--we'll see what happens.
So, for the moment, just hanging in there.

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