Friday, February 24, 2012

The Fractured Log Cabin/New York City 2001

Close readers of this blog and its comments will have seen Laurie, Chase's mom, commenting from time to time.  Laurie is a fellow Gold Star Mom and also a fellow quilter and when she read the entry on September 11, 2011 she began to wonder about the quilt I was describing.  I don't think I've ever put a picture of it on here so I am going to do it now. I have a couple of quilts I made for Thomas too, and now I have a couple of quilts made in his memory, but for tonight I am just going to post the picture of the Fractured Log Cabin quilt that I began on September 9, 2001.

The outer border is made from the fabric line that I bought in New York in January, 2002 at the City Quilter.